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Author Topic:   New dBCodes
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02-27-2005 10:26 AM

[thumb]: Thumbnail image - Scaled image with link to full sized image
Announcing the new [thumb] dBCode!

This code was motivated by images that were too wide to fit on a normal 800 pixel wide browser page. Moderators generally edit such messages to shrink the image width to fit, but including a link to the full sized image adds a lot of typing, and this happens with fair frequency. The [thumb] dBCode by default includes a centered image 100 pixels wide with a link to the full sized image. The default width can be modified, and multiple images can be included on the same line. See Adding Thumbnails on the dBCode page for details. Here's an example, click on peek to see how I did it:

Click to enlarge

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{Added the "(Thumbnail image / Scaled image with link to full sized image)" part to the title, to make title more descriptive. - Adminnemooseus}

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New dBCodes will be coming, moved title addition to subtitle

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