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Author Topic:   Belief in God is scientific.
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04-03-2013 3:57 AM

My brain is a stand alone version of the most complex thing in the known universe. It is one of billions that make up humanity. Humanity more or less classes the brain as a computer, and lots of these computers independently and through a myriad of experiences called life come to the conclusion that there is a God. More people - brains - computers come to the answer 'God' than those that come to the answer 'no God'.

My question is why isn't the human belief in God classed as scientific? When the most powerful computer network in the known universe comes to the answer 'God'?

To me it seems that science is flawed, scientists more or less discount there own existence, proffering only to have eyes and a calculator with which to make answers and not using the full power of thought.

I know i sound maybe a little troll like but that is not my intention. Also i am not sure where this should go?

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04-03-2013 8:59 AM

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