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Author Topic:   The fossil record as proof of evolution
John Sullivan
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10-12-2019 8:09 PM

I've been fascinated by vertebrate paleontology since my first visit to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC about 60 years ago. Since then I have collected many large boxes of original scientific papers on the discovery & analysis of fossilized creatures of interest to me, such as dinosaurs, pterosaurs, mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, etc. I have also assembled a growing library on the so-called Cambrian Explosion, when most forms of modern life suddenly appear in the fossil record around the world.

What I have found is glaring proof that life originated in simple forms & evolved into sequences of many different, more complex forms. To make this as brief as possible, I discovered evolution when I discovered Archaeopteryx, an early bird with many reptilian characters like teeth & a bony tail. There have been many related forms discovered that serve to convince me that birds are descendents of early dinosaurian reptiles.

While some may argue that the fossil record is nonsense because there are no reliable ways to date the rocks in which these fossils were found, I am a chemist by education & training & I know that a number of rock dating methods are both sound & reliable & that the Earth is several billion years old, not just some thousands.

So that is my second proposed new topic. I hope again that it has not already been beaten to a premature death.

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