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Author Topic:   Humans only use approximately 10% of their brain?
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10-10-2008 8:27 PM

Hi all, Im new to these forums. I have a simple question that I need answered:
I have heard it from science magazines, newspapers and various people that the average human only use approximately 10% of their brain.
First of all,
How do scientists accurately determine this? Active parts of a human brain during consciousness? How many people did they trial this on? Whats the other 90% or so doing?
Second of all,
How could a human that has evolved be using less than 100% of its brain unless humans have de-evolved some how? Unless the 'random evolution' somehow 'evolved too far' and now humans have ended up with all this wasted brain space? I dont understand.
Thanks for reading, answers very appreciated!
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10-11-2008 4:08 AM

Thread copied to the Humans only use approximately 10% of their brain? thread in the Human Origins and Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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