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Author Topic:   Evidence for Earth being in a super-heated plasma state
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01-31-2002 4:30 PM

jp:Now we can infer the whole Earth went through a superheated plasma state while it was being Created. You really don't think God just went "Poof" and the earth appeared do you?

It seems to me that such an event should leave pretty direct evidence. Would you care to offer some up since you claim it can be inferred?


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01-31-2002 5:11 PM


If the earth passed through a plasma state as part of creation, this would do precisely nothing to explain 'old' radiometric dates, since the isotopic systems would not close until after the system cooled. In order to explain, say, a 4By zircon in terms of accelerated decay, the accelerated decay would have to occur AFTER the mineral formed and cooled below the closure temp.

Would someone mind explaining how a pre-creation plasma state would be in any way relevant to isotopic dating of terrestrial rocks?

Also, the journal name is Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, not Geomechanica et Cosmochimica Acta. [Unless there are two journals with such similar names]

Be Well,


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01-31-2002 5:31 PM

JP:You really don't think God just went "Poof" and the earth appeared do you?

You dont think God just went "Poof" and life as we know it appeared do you?

You dont think God just went "Poof" into the nostrils of a dirt statue and created a man do you?

No, I don't think that God just went "Poof" and the earth appeared.

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