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Author Topic:   MrHambre - Class clown in the wrong place
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10-18-2003 2:26 AM

Quoting MrHambre, from message 10 of Andya Primanda's "Harun Yahya tours UK!" topic:
The following is a review of Harun Yahya's appearance in Loughborough, reprinted from the latest issue of Rockin' in the East Midlands:

I’ve been nostalgic recently about the spirit of ’77. Those of us who lived through that turbulent time were recently as shocked and saddened by the death of Joe Strummer as we had been shocked and saddened by basically the entire recorded solo output of Joe Strummer. The spirit of that age is one that steadfastly refuses to die, much like a smelly, rotting, insane relative whom everyone would just as soon be well rid of.

But those of us who recall the Vibrators at the Damn Dam in Ashby in summer of ’77 know that we saw more than just a second-rate punk act living up to the expectations of an East Midlands crowd. We were also present during an arguably significant footnote in Rock history. Those of us present that August at that Stranglers show at the Poxy in Leicester (the other bloke I think still lives in Bradgate Park, according to his mum) were blowing our dole money on more than simply a best-they-could-manage outing by a band who only claimed to share the punk spirit. No, we also saw their opening act, the irrepressible Harun Yahya and his Obscurantist Turks.

The band’s amateurish spirit was obvious by their badly tuned instruments. Their casual disregard for Rock protocol was evident in their advanced state of inebriation. But when Harun strummed his one-pickup ’71 Fender Jaguar to announce the start of their first song (their two-and-a-half chord classic “Oh Darwinism Up Yours!”), we knew we were hearing the destruction of both the Rock monopoly and the naturalist scientific paradigm. It couldn’t have been a better show even if Harun had decided to sing instead of mumbling into the mike before falling over and urinating in his safety-pinned trousers. For those of you who were too young or too smart to have been there, that was punk.

Okay, the band’s album for Sire Never Mind the Bauplan, Here’s the Obscurantist Turks didn’t do justice to their incendiary live show, but I think it’s strange that Harun Yahya’s contribution to punk culture has been so overlooked. After the rest of the Turks formed Flock of Budgies, Harun released several solo singles wherein he refused to compromise his Creationist ideals or compose coherent songs. The best of these, “The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in Two Minutes Fifty-Nine Seconds” was proof that his contempt for scientific materialism was still as strong as his refusal to court popularity in the Rock arena. He also rarely toured outside Ankara for fear of being apprehended on outstanding warrants stemming from glue-sniffing episodes in the UK.

His triumphant return to the East Midlands was emotional. His legendary status required that he play not a return engagement at the late, lamented Poxy (now an off-license) but the prestigious Leisure Center at the Royal National Society for the Blind on the Loughborough College Campus. Literally dozens of fans could now enjoy his return to the stage in England. The air was charged with excitement, and the Ribena flowed freely.

Harun Yahya could have appeared in a standard-issue punk costume to cash in on the nostalgia value, but fortunately, Harun is far too respectful of the legacy of gobbing pseudo-musicians to do such a thing. Instead he appeared unshaven, wearing a stained gray mac and trainers. That's punk.

The show was a heartening return to form for Harun Yahya, who took the wheezing, docile crowd through a medley of his old punk favourites: “The Bloody Ideology of Darwinism” and “Evolutionary Falsehoods” led seamlessly into “Children, Darwin Was Lying!” and “The Blunders of Evolutionists,” suggesting that perhaps all his classic work was, well, cut from the same cloth so to speak. Then he did a dub-punk version of “The Fact of Creation” that maybe dragged on a bit, especially the melodica solo. I went out for a smoke during his call-and-response reworking of “The Miracle of Protein,” and one bloke said I didn’t miss much. Some evolutionists in the audience started taking the piss, shouting 'wanker!' at Harun Yahya, who had obviously heard worse. His incisive riposte was 'Wot?' which got a larf. I admit I thought I heard “Evolutionary Falsehoods” again, so maybe I was just getting bored. I left to take the bus home before Harun Yahya had even done an encore, satisfied that the Spirit of ’77 is still alive, sort of.

I fell asleep on the bus and woke up in Derby, out of fags again and the newsagents shut. For those of you with a car, that’s punk.

Eric Borthwick

Newton Linford

And from message 12:

What am I supposed to do? Percy won't let me post on the regular forums anymore.

MrHambre - Please confine your "class clown" activities to the appropriate places. The above cited came close to getting you a suspension. I have deleted the content at the original location. Wished I had jumped on it, when I first saw it.


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too fast closure of threads

Replies to this message:
 Message 2 by Trump won, posted 10-19-2003 7:52 PM Adminnemooseus has taken no action
 Message 4 by MrHambre, posted 10-20-2003 7:59 AM Adminnemooseus has taken no action

Trump won 
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Message 2 of 6 (61661)
10-19-2003 7:52 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Adminnemooseus
10-18-2003 2:26 AM

I don't know why you banned Wise when people like MrHambre are still here. I mean he interrupts serious discussions with sarcastic jokes directing negativity at creationists and the unlikely target: Rhrain. Wise at least stayed on topic. I don't think MrHambre has ever helped a serious discussion along. No offense MrHambre.


This message is a reply to:
 Message 1 by Adminnemooseus, posted 10-18-2003 2:26 AM Adminnemooseus has taken no action

Replies to this message:
 Message 3 by crashfrog, posted 10-19-2003 9:01 PM Trump won has taken no action
 Message 6 by zephyr, posted 10-20-2003 1:21 PM Trump won has taken no action

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Message 3 of 6 (61671)
10-19-2003 9:01 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Trump won
10-19-2003 7:52 PM

Wise at least stayed on topic.

If by "stayed on topic" you mean "was physically unable to remain on the frickin' topic", I might agree with you.

It's difficult to see how you could think Wise "stayed on topic". In fact he was banned because he couldn't stay on topic. In the free for all forums he loudly proclaimed his right to stay off topic however he pleased.

Not a guy who stayed on topic.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 2 by Trump won, posted 10-19-2003 7:52 PM Trump won has taken no action

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Message 4 of 6 (61746)
10-20-2003 7:59 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Adminnemooseus
10-18-2003 2:26 AM


My apologies. Won't happen again.


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 Message 1 by Adminnemooseus, posted 10-18-2003 2:26 AM Adminnemooseus has taken no action

Replies to this message:
 Message 5 by Mammuthus, posted 10-20-2003 8:16 AM MrHambre has taken no action

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Message 5 of 6 (61748)
10-20-2003 8:16 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by MrHambre
10-20-2003 7:59 AM

That's a pity. I log in each day to see what Mr. Hambre has posted and would hate to see him censored. Ok maybe an exposition about 70's rock music in a thread devoted to a turkish whacko is not appropriate since the whacko himself is humorous enough. But other than that one, where exactly has Hambre been off topic?

Maybe it should be made explicit in forum rules "No irony allowed under pain of talking extensively to Syamsu for 48 hours"

This message is a reply to:
 Message 4 by MrHambre, posted 10-20-2003 7:59 AM MrHambre has taken no action

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Message 6 of 6 (61782)
10-20-2003 1:21 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Trump won
10-19-2003 7:52 PM

Hold on, let's think about this one.

Hambre: redeeming qualities demonstrated in the majority of posts, in the form of factual, good-faith debate. Has been warned for once posting off-topic in a thread that seemed to have run its course. Accepts admin's warning.

Wise: literally every post emotionally loaded and borderline disrespectful, so dead set on winning (at least in his own mind) that he would change the subject when proven wrong, only to return to his assertions a few posts later and triumphantly declare victory again. Totally disregarded admin warnings.

Honestly, where do you get off making the comparison?

Circle the wagons, the evilutionist Indians are coming....

This message is a reply to:
 Message 2 by Trump won, posted 10-19-2003 7:52 PM Trump won has taken no action

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