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Author Topic:   The Unacknowledged Accuracy of Gensis1
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09-20-2006 3:11 PM

Mainstream science has given us a pretty comprehensive theory of universal evolution from the Big Bang to the appearence of modern man. The biblical equivalent of this theory appears in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis. This biblical theory is presented in large brushstrokes but the similarities between itself and scientific theory are quite uncanny. As it stands, the chronology of universal presented in Genesis is as follows:

Light - the Big Bang
Firmament - the expanse/expansion of the Universe
Sun, Moon and stars
Oceanic Life
Land based Animals

There are obvious and striking parallels between the scientific and biblical theories with one exception - the creation of the sun, moon and stars AFTER the creation of earth. I would like to demonstrate that this difference can be rectified and that it has occurred through not taking the text of Genesis literally enough!

The biblical passage in question is verses 14 - 16 of Genesis 1:

"God said, Let there be lights in the vault of the heavens to separate day from night, and let them serve as signs for both festivals and for seasons and years ... God made two great lights, the greater to govern the day and the lesser to govern the night; he also made the stars."

It is easy to see why this chapter has been interpreted as the creation of the sun (the greater light), the moon (the lesser light) and the stars. However, on closer reading it is clear that this passage refers to the creation of various 'lights'. These 'lights' have specific functions:- "to separate day from night" and to "serve as signs for both festivals and for seasons and years".

To my point - the light that governs the day is not the sun, it is Daylight and the light that governs the night is Moonlight, these are the lights that "separate day from night". The lights that "serve as signs" are, not just any old stars, but the stars we know as the Zodiac. Here it is - the phenomena of Daylight, Moonlight and the Zodiac are not, as one might think, created by the sun, moon and stars. They are created by Atmosphere.

Although the sun shines on the moon there is no daylight because there is no atmosphere. Similarly, if you stand on the moon and gaze at the stars you will not be able to discern the stars of the Zodiac because the moon does not have the atmosphere to filter out the weaker starlight leaving us with the familiar patterns of the Zodiac.

In short - the passage above is not about the creation of sun, moon and stars but of atmosphere. The creation of atmosphere is an absolutely fundamental aspect of our being here.

Now the chronology in Genesis is as follows:

Let there be light - the Big Bang
firmament - the expanse/expansion of the universe
firmament - all celestaial bodies (galaxies, stars etc.)
oceanic life
land based life

In general, the similarities between the biblical and scientific theories of universal evolution are uncanny. Are these similarities a product of my deranged imaginings and, if not, how did they come about.

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