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Author Topic:   The Meldonium Mess
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05-18-2017 4:12 AM
Reply to: Message 59 by Diomedes
05-16-2017 3:33 PM

Re: Sharapova Returns to Tournament Play
FYI, she has been barred from the French Open:

Sharapova is not being barred for bad behavior. She is ineligible based on her current world ranking and requires a special invitation, or wildcard granting permission to play in the French Open. Sharapova simply has not had enough time since the end of her suspension to raise her ranking. The French open declined to make the invitation despite a large financial incentive to offer the invitation.

Of course, there is some politics involved.


The most questionable aspect of the Sharapova decision was the simultaneous award of a wildcard to men's player Constant Lestienne, who is coming back from a ban for betting on matches.

I would expect that tournaments have nearly complete discretion in deciding to whom they want to extend wild-cards. But we can still question whether the decision was made fairly.

I've read that Martina Navratilova is among the former pros who is supportive of giving Sharapova wildcards, but I've also heard that a number of current players and former players were incensed when she received a wildcard to play in a previous tournament. Here is Pam Shriver's take (from the same article cited above):

'It has to be a popular decision in the women's locker room,' she told ESPN in reference to the French non-invitation. 'So many players who are admired and looked up to have spoken out against Sharapova. The feeling has to be that we are not going to grant special privileges to anyone, no matter how successful they have been.

She (Sharapova) needs to take a step back and reconcile that her return to major tennis is going to have to wait and not be bitter about it.'

It appears that Sharapova will need a wildcard to enter the Australian Open and Wimbledon as well.

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05-18-2017 8:22 AM

L'affaire Sharapova in Context
Here's a good article summarizing the issues brought about by the French refusal to offer Sharapova a wildcard based upon their own interpretation of how her drug appeal should be handled: Shutting Sharapova out of the French Open could create future headaches


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