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Author Topic:   Media coverage of the evolution controversy
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Message 31 of 31 (214758)
06-06-2005 4:49 PM
Reply to: Message 29 by hitchy
06-06-2005 11:39 AM

Re: Lou Dobbs--the opportunist
hitchy writes:

I have watched Lou Dobbs every once and a while and noticed that he is an opportunist based on public opinion poles. Even when he "looks" like he is opposing something, like CAFTA, he is actually following along the lines of public opinion. He is a shill for the ignorant masses.

Indeed. I have seen WAY TOO MANY stories about illegal immigrants on his show. Maybe he thinks if he talks about it over and over, someone will "do something about it."

hitchy writes:

He obviously has no scientific training. I thought, though, that Ruse didn't do much with the short amount of time he had. I think that is one of the problems with this debate in the public media--it is a battle of sound-bites. Try summarizing evolution, natural selection, etc. in a two minute sound bite. Most of these explanations require more info than available in even an hour-long show. All the opposition does is the Rove tactic of distorting a point and then repeating it over and over again as fact.

The sad thing is, most of the ignorant masses aren't quite bright enough to realize this. It seems they form their opinion based solely on these sound bytes. Did the sound byte jibe with what we heard in church on sunday? Or, does this sound byte fit right in with the worldview I've formed based on dozens of other sound bytes? I really fear this is the menatility of most of the public out there. Or should I say, most of the voters? It's really scary that so many people can be controlled so easily.

hitchy writes:

All the opposition does is the Rove tactic of distorting a point and then repeating it over and over again as fact. An uncritical, or overly "fair and balanced", media is not doing its job as a watchdog of bad ideas or policy.

Unfortunately, this, IMO, is not actually the job of journalists.
If it were, then perhaps all the "bad ideas and policy" like evolution, civil rights, or anything that you think is a good idea or policy would be filtered out. It all depends on the opinions of the journalists. Then the stupid masses would truly be screwed. But, actually this is pretty close to what goes on now so...{shrug} whatchagonnado?
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