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Author Topic:   For Inquisitor, et al: What is Evolution?

Message 70 of 81 (40942)
05-21-2003 8:48 PM
Reply to: Message 69 by Rrhain
05-21-2003 5:35 PM

Re: An Actual Probability Calculation
Suppose I have n darts, each with a 1/n chance of striking the target. What is the probability of hitting the target at least once given 10 darts? 20 darts? An infinite number of darts? How many darts must you have to be within 99% of the value of an infinite number of darts?

Why don't you ask a Statistics Professor? Sheesh. Crashfrog is no stats professor; he's a moron, and clearly not an individual with more than a High School diploma.

But anyway, please post the answer, as I want to take it next door to my neighbor who happens to be a Stats Prof. at a major accredited university boasting of over 47,000 FULL-TIME enrollment!!!

Interesting that I even took two of his stats classes.

And not once in this thread have I seen any argument come close to containing the language consisent with that of Statistical Analysis I heard in my stats classes. What's more puzzling, is that the same arguments are too independantly simple to be of any advanced merit within the stats' field.

As if one could answer statistics with philosophy, or is it so unclear philosophy is not statistics?

The bell tolls here even for knot-it-all John. (let the typo "knot" remain as it unwittingly, but appropriately, revealed the philosophical knot John has tied himself up with). It's a true circle jerk here. Time to close the thread Admin-mommy.

Nevertheless, I can't wait to print this thread out and show it to my neighbor. Y'all just might spontaneously create a creationist by the utter incoherent foolishness of your arguments. But how one is to weave such a hopeful monster into the ToE is the question...

Good day, mates!

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