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Author Topic:   Galaxy red shifts go in steps?
Mike Holland
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From: Sydney, NSW,Auistralia
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03-07-2019 1:38 AM

I tried searching this, but there are so many replies on each topic that I could not go through them.

Many years ago I read about Halton Arp's researches on the relation between quasars and irregular (peculiar?) galaxies. I thought that the 2DF surveys had refuted his claims about this connection.

But he also claimed that there was a periodicity in red shifts, and that they are not distributed randomly, and my recent reading indicates that this periodicity is still revealed in the latest galactic surveys.

Is this correct, and is there any explanation? It certainly makes one wonder about the redshift-velocity relationship. Perhaps there are ripple effects left over from the inflation era, that cause the expansion of space to occur in waves. (just a crazy conjecture).

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03-07-2019 3:07 AM

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