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Author Topic:   Using UBB and/or HTML code in messages
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Joined: 09-26-2002

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09-30-2002 12:01 PM

What is the best way to learn how to do something? I think it's seeing how someone else did it.

I (in minnemooseus mode) have recently started sometimes using UBB or HTML code, to supply links using a word or phrase instead of showing the entire URL. After doing my first effort at such, wj inquired how I did it, and I attempted to explain as best I could.

I have just come to realize that anyone can look at any message, in the edit mode. You can even edit away - but you can't successfuly submit the edit unless it's your own message, or you have "Admin" status.

So, if you see a message using a feature you don't understand, just click the "edit" button at the bottom of the message, and you can see it, complete with the UBB and/or HTML code.


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 Message 2 by Adminnemooseus, posted 10-31-2003 10:41 PM Adminnemooseus has not yet responded

Posts: 3879
Joined: 09-26-2002

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10-31-2003 10:41 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Adminnemooseus
09-30-2002 12:01 PM

Bump for Mike the Wiz
You've been asking about how to do thing.

See message 1.


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 Message 1 by Adminnemooseus, posted 09-30-2002 12:01 PM Adminnemooseus has not yet responded

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