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Author Topic:   HELP~!!~
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11-22-2001 10:27 PM

hey, i was wondering if anybody had a really good article about evolution or creationism that i could refute. because i have been looking for an article...preferably something in the washington post or new york times, but none of the articles have debatable arguments...this is for school

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 Message 2 by Percy, posted 11-23-2001 7:33 AM akaNe18 has responded

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11-23-2001 7:33 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by akaNe18
11-22-2001 10:27 PM

You mean you don't care which you refute?

On the home page are links to pages with lists of links to both evolution and Creationism sites. If you explore those you should have no trouble finding something to refute.

If the assignment requires an actual article from a newspaper or magazine, then try the links on the home page to Religion in the News and Science in the News. For example, right now there's a science article titled Dino asteroid led to global devestation, and you could try refuting that from a Creationist point of view since Creationists believe the dinosaurs went extinct in the Great Flood.

Good luck!


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 Message 1 by akaNe18, posted 11-22-2001 10:27 PM akaNe18 has responded

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 Message 3 by akaNe18, posted 11-24-2001 2:08 PM Percy has not yet responded

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11-24-2001 2:08 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Percy
11-23-2001 7:33 AM

hey..thanks alot..your idea lead me to the article i picked

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 Message 2 by Percy, posted 11-23-2001 7:33 AM Percy has not yet responded

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