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Author Topic:   Impact Structures exposed on the surface of the Earth
Lew Alton
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08-09-2001 10:42 PM

Creationists claim that the Noachian Flood is responsible for the current geological structure of the earth's surface. By Creationist arguments, the surface of the Earth must be around 4.5K years old.

Now, exposed on the surface of the Earth are over 100 impact structures. By Creationist logic, these must all have struck the earth over the last 4500 years, or roughly one every 45 years on average.

Some of these craters are so huge that they would still be showing obvious local and regional effects (some even global) had they struck within the last 4500 years.

So I am wondering, how is it that no one has noticed these mighty blows, one after another
every 45 years since the Flood?

Lew Alton

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 Message 2 by gene90, posted 08-11-2001 7:47 PM Lew Alton has not yet responded

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08-11-2001 7:47 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Lew Alton
08-09-2001 10:42 PM

A similar argument can be made using volcanoes, especially large volcanic eruptions such as Yellowstone and Toba; eruptions which supposedly occur every few hundred thousand years or so as it is, according to our "old Earth assumptions".

See the comparison between Toba, Yellowstone, and Mt. St Helens found at this page.

BBC News / SciTech / Supervolcanoes could trigger global freeze

Creationism has always had an interesting relationship with impact cratering. Henry Morris once claimed that lunar craters were
made during the battle between Micheal and Satan
, but I've never had one to attempt to use that explanation in a debate. It did make a good cartoon, though.

I have heard Creationists claim that "there are no buried craters", an argument that is demonstrably false because there are many buried craters, such as Chicxulub, thought to be associated with the dinosaur extinction. There are other buried craters in less exotic places, such as Virginia.

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 Message 1 by Lew Alton, posted 08-09-2001 10:42 PM Lew Alton has not yet responded

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