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Author Topic:   Aquatic Ape theory?
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04-07-2004 1:58 AM

Just curious as to what some serious students of evolution think of the aquatic ape theories put forth by Elaine Morgan? I must say that it makes a lot of logical sense.

Sorry if this is a repost, I'm New.

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04-07-2004 2:45 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by SweeneyTodd
04-07-2004 1:58 AM

All righty then...the Aquatic Ape theory, from what I understand, basically states that early humans evolved aqautic envioronments instead of a more widely accetped savannah approach.

AA theory claims that relatively hairless bodies (like aquatic and semi-aquatic mammals such as walruses, hippos, dolphins, etc) are evidence for life in water.

Body fat composition in infants, as compared to other primates, seem quite suited to give that extra bouyancy that would be needed for wet environments.

Gives an explanantion as for a reason to stand up on hind legs...to keep that head above water, as opposed to stand an look out for predators. Today animals from prairie dogs and meer cats to baboons all stand on two legs to scout for predators, but all run away on four legs, which is much faster.

These are some of the ideas that Elaine Morgan came up with in here series of books on the subject. I don't beleive she had any real training in science, but alot of what she says is interesting.

Just curious about what other people think.

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