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Author Topic:   Treason
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Message 46 of 46 (701862)
06-27-2013 1:21 AM
Reply to: Message 45 by Rahvin
06-27-2013 1:01 AM

Rahvin replies:

Many are faced with the choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. You might prefer the sandwich to the douche, but you're still not going to be particularly happy about it.

Well - okay, lets look at this umpteenth Senate special election that just happened here in Massachusetts. We did feel deeply, collectively, that we got burned by Scott Brown's winning. (BTW, this situation meant that the the Democrats only had 60 votes for 2 months, which happened to correspond with the heaviest back-n-forth horse trading that resulted in Obamacare - meaning that the Senate was too busy to consider various other issues that they got skewered later on for not being able to override filibustering.)

I drove 250 miles Tuesday to help, in my own small way, to make sure we didn't make that very same mistake again.

Am I happy about Markey? Not really. He has been better than Obama, but he is a career politician - i.e., a professional liar of good success. But he has taken a few positions (2 or 3) I approve of. Mainly, he has been a good member of his party for some 27 years against the challenger's 0 years at that level. I feel I reelected MORE OF THE SAME to prevent THINGS GETTING WORSE.

But it is also true that Markey has helped to funnel money our state's way, solidarity with Tip O'Neill et al, that may not have eventuated otherwise. So, yeah, "our guy".

- xongsmith, 5.7d

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 Message 45 by Rahvin, posted 06-27-2013 1:01 AM Rahvin has not yet responded

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