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Author Topic:   Numerological Arguments that the Speed of Light was Designed
Son Goku
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05-12-2017 4:11 AM

It's 1
The speed of light is exactly one, as nwr mentioned (light travels one unit of space for one unit of time), i.e. it travels 299,792,458 meters in space every 299,792,458 meters in time. We just happen to call 299,792,458 meters in time a "second". Hence we get 299,792,458 m/s.

There is absolutely no meaning to be discovered in the speed of light, as its value is more about how humans define a second.

The real fundamental numbers in physics, the fine structure constant, the strong coupling, e.t.c. Aren't even constant, but functions of Energy (e.g. the electron has a greater electric charge at high energies), so there is nothing to be figured out from their values at our low energies.

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