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Author Topic:   NvC-3: What is life made of?
Richard L. Wang
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05-11-2020 6:47 PM

In Naturalism’s opinion, life consists only of matter.

In fact, life consists of matter and information. Every cell has genetic information. In addition, we humans also have multiple forms of information: language, memory, knowledge, etc. “Life consists of matter & information” is a testable and observable fact.

From NvC-1-32, information here represents all “Non-physical or quasi-physical substance, such as information, ideas, values, logic, mathematics, intellect, and other emergent phenomena.” How do biological processes describe ideas, values, logic? We know very little. Therefore, from now on, in our discussion, I will limit “information” to the information consisting of a sequence of symbols, and it is enough to reach conclusions. Genetic information in biological cells and text, image, sound and other information in cellphones are such information.

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