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Author Topic:   What about the political trends in the states? Anything catch your eye?
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12-24-2021 8:37 PM

Progressive data-firm:GOP congressmen more supportive of immigration than Hispanics.
I am pretty disgusted with the phoney, slimy, greasy, sleezy, tacky, fascist Democratic party - as diverse Americans of all races are - and frankly I feel that people of all ideological positions have little choice but to see the Democratic party as an extensitential threat to those of us who want to live in a fascist-free future.

That said, I still get very concerned about the views, of many, in our society, who oppose the Democrats. (I am understating my levels of concern)

There seems to be a media firestorm, of late, over why Democratic support is literally collapsing among Hispanic individuals & the Hispanic community in general.

Chris Cillizza ( my spell check keeps changing his name to Christian), of CNN, is trying to say Democrats need to move to the "center", and that is predictable American-white bullshit passing as credible political analysis.

NYmag.com has an article that showcases results from "Equis Research, a progressive data-firm dedicated to analyzing Hispanic voters, released an in-depth report" which helped shed light on the big gains Trump made in 2020 among Hispanic voters.

I was saying, back in 2020 (when I had high hopes for Democrsts rising on behalf of us all, and not rising to fight for fascism - as they ended up doing) that the Trump gains could be an "anomaly" in no way, but the tip of the iceberg for an explosive crash against the Democratic party. CNN & Chris Cillizza just reported, DEC 9, that the commentary stating Trump's gains to be an " anomaly" were wrong.

Infact, I noticed Democrats were not performing well, among Hispanics, just after the November 2018 midterms.

The NYmag said research data, from 2018, confirmed ( essentially what my analysis - posted here - noticed) that Republicans made gains in 2018, then more in 2020.

However, I don't like some data that I saw, when one looks at some of the reasons why Democrats might be loosing ground.

Why Democrats Are Loosing Ground With Hispanic Voters

By Eric Levitz

Dec 16, 2021


Large majorities of 2020 Hispanic voters disapproved of Trump's border wall & family separation policies. But about half of them voiced approval for REDUCING legal immigration - a position that puts them to the right of many congressional Republicans on the issue.

This depresses me, but the country is still at an all-time high in supporting higher levels of immigration (33%) and that should be noted, but it is a fact that the political class has been more supportive of immigration than the general population (Ronald Reagan is the most striking example of being out of step with pretty much every single group alive - including his own party's registered members - during his presidency), and there is no way around that fact. It is a fact.

Hispanics also express fear of socialism in higher numbers than are fearful of fascism. I would suggest that what Hispanic often associate with "socialism" is actually fascism masquerading as "socialism". The fear of socialism is probably a confused/misidentified fear of fascism.

Regardless, I dont like alot of the reasons Hispanic voters are moving from the Democrats. Even if a move from Democrats is an urgent necessity for the future of freedom. Democrats are loosing because the national party is a fascist variety that happens to want to extinguish the very freedoms we need to confront fascism - in all its deadly ruinous forms - any time in the future.

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