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Author Topic:   Biological Evidence Against Intelligent Design
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10-19-2010 2:05 AM
Reply to: Message 256 by mosassam
10-17-2010 3:51 PM

Re: evidence against ID requires limits set on the designer
Re: evidence against ID requires limits set on the designer
The existence of the human mind is probably best explained by "magic" as science can only accept it with the pithy assumption 'cogito ergo sum'.
What a silly and conceited little statement. Unless you know the "science" behind the mind, you cant speak to this.
And as you've been informed, Descartes' comment is purely philosophical. Science has come a loooong way since then. What we know now, which is nowhere NEAR a complete understanding, would have blown Descartes' mind. Not that his argument wouldnt still have grounds, but still.

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