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Author Topic:   Human Chromosome 2 and the Evolution of Humans
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01-19-2013 12:46 PM
Reply to: Message 49 by Paul Choa
09-29-2012 2:07 AM

source of conflict?
Small note:

God is the author of both Bible and natural laws. there is no way they shall have conflict the reason we have conflicts simply because either science is not yet mature or our Bible interpretation has problems.

... OR your interpretation of the bible is faulty indeed.

Curiously, seeing as there is extensive evidence of vast numbers of Christians with different interpretations, and there is extensive evidence of the validity of science, the logical conclusion is that when your interpretation conflicts with science that it is your interpretation that is at fault.

Which is more likely to be at fault:

  1. Science, based on extensive objective evidence testing
  2. Religious belief that does not conflict with science
  3. Non-Christian biblical interpretation that does not conflict with science
  4. Christian biblical interpretation that does not conflict with science
  5. Christian biblical interpretation that conflicts with both of the above

Evidence from science, such as the evidence of the fusion of chromosome 2 during the evolution of humans from apes (to refer to the topic), shows that evolution is the best explanation, not some interpretation of the bible.


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