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Author Topic:   Do science and religion have rights to some "explanatory space"?
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12-21-2008 9:28 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by bluescat48
12-21-2008 10:12 AM

bluescat writes:
I, myself hold that science & religion do play a part in "explanatory space" but should remain within their respective places, that is science in scientific matters & religion in religious matters.
It'll never happen so long as Biblical creationists are allowed to aire the science related Biblical fundamentals.
The Bible just doesn't depict a do do little non-designer God who set the BB and evolution in drive mode and then sat back and watched what natural and random things came of it over millions and billions of years.
Then too, the Biblical God, being eternal and the same today, yesterday and forever, i.e. forever managing his universe to suit his purposes and pleasure, had to have eternally had some sort of magnificent throne complex, myriads of hosts of creatures and billions of heavenly bodies in the cosmos of his universe.
Thus creationist science oriented people and organizations like Baumgardner, Whitcomb, Lennart Moller, ICR, the creation science museum and others work to furnish evidence of the creationist interpretation of what is observed and studied.
I would not hold to any religious book including the Bible which claimed to be authoritative relative to morality, justice and social issues, etc another day if it had no falsifiable science related data, historical data relative to fulfilled prophecy and archaeological evidence to lend credence to it being something supernatural, inspired by a higher being than humanity.
Having said the above, relatively sudden creation as opposed to evolution leaves little for the Biblical creationist to verify so far as how the creature was fashioned etc. OTOH, the evolutionist must assemble a complex and enormous volume of theory and hypothetical data over a very long time to come up with anything that will be considered acceptable by evolutionist constituents.

The immeasurable present eternally extends the infinite past and infinitely consumes the eternal future.

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