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Author Topic:   Evolution Logic
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06-11-2006 7:57 AM
Reply to: Message 249 by Someone who cares
06-11-2006 12:38 AM

Why embarrass yourself ?
Let me add an "Or."
Or the author has challenged many evolutionists in several forums to provide undebatable evidence directly in support of evolution, and they couldn't. And he did MUCH research, from MANY sources, and found that the evidence is actually against evolution. Thus he came to the conclusions that he did.
I've looked at your essay. It's obvious that that isn't what happened. It's obvious that the author did virtually no valid research. So why even suggest otherwise ?
If you don't know that eusthenopteron, icthyostega, seymouria and archaeopteryx exist - fossil species that have been widely known for decades - then how can you claim to have done much research ? If you do know that they exist then why deny it ?

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