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Author Topic:   What is Life?
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Message 268 of 268 (600550)
01-15-2011 6:50 AM
Reply to: Message 267 by john6zx
01-15-2011 2:21 AM

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Your previous post was deemed off topic by an admin.

This post is also deemed off topic. If you have questions or complaints concerning an administrative action, please use the General Discussion Of Moderation Procedures (aka 'The Whine List') thread to voice those concerns not this thread.

Please direct any comments concerning this Administrative msg to the General Discussion Of Moderation Procedures (aka 'The Whine List') thread.

Any response in this thread will receive a 24 hour suspension.

Thank you
AdminPD Purple

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 Message 267 by john6zx, posted 01-15-2011 2:21 AM john6zx has taken no action

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