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Author Topic:   Stile's Stupid Test Thread
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Message 38 of 38 (894308)
05-11-2022 3:20 PM
Reply to: Message 37 by Percy
05-10-2022 2:25 PM

My own quick test ... of your "10 minute" feature. Mainly to test whether I understand your Message 35
OK, no "edited" message two minutes past my reply. I guess I understood correctly.
OK, now an edit past the ten minutes. Actually, I got distracted on YouTube by videos about making clotted cream and scones.
Commentary on the results of submitted that last edit: the "Edited by ... " line appears.
So then this feature works. And it appears to be handy for the far too many times that we post something and there's a typo that we need to go in and clean up right away.

Edited by dwise1, .

Edited by dwise1, .

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 Message 37 by Percy, posted 05-10-2022 2:25 PM Percy has taken no action

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