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Author Topic:   Evolution of Creationism
Dr Jack
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03-23-2009 4:14 PM
Reply to: Message 8 by Wounded King
10-17-2006 6:10 AM

The failure of memetics
I'm extremely dubious of the ability of memetics to produce any particularly valid analysis of real-world ideas; the sad fact is that ideas don't break neatly into memes comparable to genes, nor do these memes transfer in a way comparable to heredity. Evolutionary ideas are useful in understanding the development of ideas; but memetics is not the way to do it.

See Bruce, E., "The revealed poverty of the gene-meme analogy - why memetics per se has failed to produce substantive results", Journal of Memetics, 2005, Vol 9, Issue 1, p1-4 (which is, in fact, the last issue of that journal ever published)

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