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Author Topic:   This settles it.. Never moving down south..
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Message 116 of 116 (81706)
01-30-2004 5:43 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by nos482
10-01-2002 8:16 AM

My suggestion for those who what to teach Creation in schools:

begin a massive political movement to revise the US Constitution such that it no longer contains provisions for the separation of church and state (it's a silly idea, anyway).


argue that Creationist theories should be taught in science classrooms (or any classrooms) within public schools (and not in the many various religious venues).

While you're at it...

form the US National Religion (USNR) based on majority rule. Arrest and/or oust anyone not adhering to the beliefs of the USNR. Toss those arrested into concentration camps. Dispose at will.

For good measure...

Have all US presidents change their name to "Pope George Washington" upon entering office. Chop down a cherry tree then plant some apple seeds.


Launch a global religious crusade to rid the world of all rogue religions. Form the Global-Earth Planetary Religion (GEPR). Think about ways to explore other worlds so that one day, you can spread the word of GEPR to other savage worlds. Realize you can't without science, so dismiss the idea. Science is bad.

Oh, forgot one...

Die, then take you seat at the right hand of the God. You've earned it, you silly wack-job.

No offense.

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 Message 15 by nos482, posted 10-01-2002 8:16 AM nos482 has not yet responded

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