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Author Topic:   Darwin- would he have changed his theory?
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Message 15 of 195 (151202)
10-19-2004 8:36 PM

Watching the various posts within this site makes me question peoples knowledge of Darwins own theory. I've talked to many people who call themselves evolutionist and try to site Darwin without even reading for themselves what his theory really was. Again, most of the people who are oppose creation have not even read the Bible.
To be fair, I have talked to many Creationist who have not read the Bible nor any of Darwin's works.
Which animals did GOD create?
What was Darwins thoughts in the last few chapters of "The Origin Of Speicies"?
And no, the condensed version of either the Bible nor the Origin of species is not allowed. Too many things were removed from both.
To answer the question posted: Darwin did change his own theory within his own works. Being an outstanding Naturalist, I'm sure he would have changed alot of ideas knowing what we do today!

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10-21-2004 2:38 AM
Reply to: Message 27 by coffee_addict
10-20-2004 9:41 PM

(1) I would like to say that I am not trying to be a smart ass.
When I was speaking, it was a general comment. Not one towards
those that have read the Bible and Darwin's works. I will ensure
that comments made, will not be in the general sense.

(2) I can't imagine any naturalist, scientist, biologist or even
world leaders that wouldn't have change their thoughts as time
goes by.

(3) Do you think that we would have used the A-bomb, if we had the
technological advancements that we have today during WWII?
Knowing how smart Darwin was then, only makes me wonder what
theories or conclusions he would have came up with during our

(3) As far as the Bible goes. Too many people try to put a time line
on Genisis. No one knows what the length of one of God's days
were. Was the assumed author of genesis speaking literal or
figurative while speaking of the "first week"? I personally
believe it was written from a figurative prospective.

(4) I will ensure to post a quote from Darwin within a few days.
I want to ensure the quote is verbatum. It was on his thoughts
concerning the flashlight fish.

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Message 77 of 195 (151782)
10-21-2004 8:22 PM
Reply to: Message 69 by NosyNed
10-21-2004 11:07 AM

Re: First life?
I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANKS! In my earlier post, this was the point that I was trying to convey. Discussions no longer were about Darwin's theory but headed for the primordial soup. This is why I was asking about peoples knowledge of Darwins theories. And again I am not trying to be a smart ass.
Thanks again!

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 Message 69 by NosyNed, posted 10-21-2004 11:07 AM NosyNed has not replied

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Message 112 of 195 (152150)
10-22-2004 10:18 PM
Reply to: Message 90 by CK
10-22-2004 8:14 AM

(1)According to the Geological Society of America,
they seem to believe that gold is nearly always alloyed naturally with up to 40% silver, and a few other metals.

(2)Not trying to be a smart ass, just revealing fact!

(3)Gold:compositional variations of naturally occurring Alloys
Graig,J.R; Rimstidt, J.D. 1985 JAN 01 report number CONF-8510489

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