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Author Topic:   Proof for God's Non-existance?
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09-17-2007 2:00 AM
Reply to: Message 261 by pbee
09-16-2007 3:49 PM

refuting the God claim
In light of these claims, can you provide evidence that He does not exist? Do you have anything to bring to the table to refute these claims?

Yes: People lie.
People make stuff up.
People can be deluded.
People take hallucinogens to come to religious states.
People have epilepsy.

If someone went up in court defending themselves by claiming God told them to do it and thus it was perfectly morally right...what is more likely?

God exists?
They are lying?
They are deluded?
They were on LSD?
They had an epileptic fit?

I say the first option is so absurd, that the other possibilities almost entirely refute the first argument. Nothing can completely refute an unfalsifiable claim though - that's kind of the defining feature of an unfalsifiable claim.

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09-17-2007 4:58 AM

End of Thread
300's the limit
Stow the prose,
No more discussion
It's time to close.


See you in another thread. Magic Wand

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