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Author Topic:   Reconstructing the Historical Jesus
Archer Opteryx
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Message 80 of 560 (465867)
05-11-2008 5:23 AM
Reply to: Message 79 by IamJoseph
05-11-2008 2:42 AM

A weak point does not become stronger by setting a statement entirely in upper case. A strong point does not need it.

You will find that bold and italic print serve nicely for setting a text out from its surroundings. You also have options regarding font size, colour, indentation, and the like. Please use sparingly.

This has also quagmired 2 billion otherwise sincere and genuine people otherwise Godly inclined.

Quagmire is a noun.

What a mess - do we need a Messiah or what!

A proofreader, I'd say.

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 Message 79 by IamJoseph, posted 05-11-2008 2:42 AM IamJoseph has not yet responded

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