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Author Topic:   How accurate is this email?
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02-17-2007 12:29 AM
Reply to: Message 15 by Hyroglyphx
02-16-2007 11:57 PM

Hi, NJ.
You think that Iran and North Korea have been trying to get hold of nuclear weaponry because of the invasion of Iraq? I'm not seeing the correlation. Can you connect the dots for me?
Iraq did not have nuclear weapons, and the U.S invaded. If Iraq had had nuclear weapons the U.S would very likely think twice about invading. If Iran and North Korea have nuclear weapons...
Anthropogenic global warming is real. Its caused in part by carbon dioxide and methane gases. We should all stop breathing and eating beans in order to save the environment.
You probably know as well as I do that this is a straw-argument.
...Just everything else associated with Jesus then?
Another straw argument. I don't believe liberals are against "everything associated with Jesus", but everything associated with Jesus on public property.

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Member (Idle past 319 days)
Posts: 357
From: Southwestern U.S.
Joined: 03-16-2006

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02-19-2007 11:46 PM
Reply to: Message 32 by Dr Adequate
02-19-2007 6:47 PM

The Doc is in...glad you're back.

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