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Author Topic:   Help in teaching 11-12 Year olds (RE (Religious Education) in the UK)
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12-08-2009 1:59 AM
Reply to: Message 42 by Peg
12-07-2009 11:50 PM

Re: Do not mix science and religion

the are not disctinct because logically, you cannot have evolution without first having origins

Only insofar as you cannot have evolution without something capable of evolving. i.e. all we need to know is THAT life exists, not how it came to exist. Newton - and earlier astronomers - didn't need to know how the planets came to exist to study their motions, or even to come to the conclusion that they orbit the sun. The same logic applies.


What you and others are saying is tantamount to me saying, God and the supernatural are completely separate issues.

Of course that isn't really true. God is a special case of the supernatural (a particular supernatural entity) while the origin of life is not a special case of evolution (because the pre-replicator stages - which is what is under discussion - CANNOT involve evolution at all).


I can understand your frustration. Perhaps you can try to understand mine. Evolution is only 1/2 of the picture. For evolution to be true, it requires the 'origins' to be true....

But that is obviously false. It doesn't matter to evolution whether current ideas of the origin of life are true or false. Evolution isn't based on them. In fact the flow of knowledge is more likely to be the other way around - our knowledge of evolution will contribute to our understanding of the origin of life. Just as our understanding of the heliocentric solar system has fed into our understanding of how it may have come to exist, rather than vice cersa.

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