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Author Topic:   Where is the Good Non American Music???
Member (Idle past 1977 days)
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Message 81 of 172 (381082)
01-29-2007 6:39 PM

New Wave/Goth/{post}Punk/Synth/Other
You may not like this type of music as a matter of taste, but it is hard to deny the "originality" and "innovativeness" of bands such as:

Joy Division/New Order - UK
The Cure - UK
Depeche Mode - UK
KMFDM - Germany
Elvis Costello - UK
The Polics - UK
The Clash - UK
Gang of Four - UK
Echo and the Bunnymen - UK
Kraftwerk - Germany
Bjork - Iceland
The Sex Pistols - UK
Siouxsie and the Banshees - UK
Roxy Music - UK
Wolfsheim - Germany
The Smiths/Morrissey - UK
Eurythmics - UK
Tears for Fears - UK

Oh and let us not forget freakin' DAVID BOWIE!

You also cannot deny that Punk was born in the UK as well as New Wave and synthpop.

More recently we have some post-punk revivalists (which have largely built on the music of the above bands, so their "originality" might be in question) such as:

Franz Ferdinand - UK
Bloc Party - UK
Kaiser Chiefs - UK
Metric - Canada
The Organ - Canada

I've only listed the most recognizable names in the genres. There are many many other "Good non-American bands" in these genres.

But again it is a matter of taste and therefore a pretty silly topic.

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Member (Idle past 1977 days)
Posts: 622
From: NY,NY
Joined: 06-16-2006

Message 142 of 172 (383184)
02-07-2007 11:47 AM
Reply to: Message 140 by kongstad
02-07-2007 11:00 AM

Re: just wondering
So you agree that the Beatles made great art, but you deny that they were artists?

I think you are confused about the difference between the object of art, and the creator of art.

If the Beatles made great art, then by definition they are great artists.

No, he implied that they were not the same kind of artists as Smith and Johnston were...you know lonely, tortured souls who put out mediocre music.

You do make a great point, tho.

What do you think of kongstad's reply, O Great Master of All Things Art?

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 Message 140 by kongstad, posted 02-07-2007 11:00 AM kongstad has not yet responded

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