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Author Topic:   Why'd you do it that way, God?
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10-06-2009 11:28 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Meldinoor
10-03-2009 4:24 AM

What I love about all these responses is audacity to come across like "we know it all" and that we are even in a position to judge such a thought. According to said science, the universe is HUGE, and we are but a mere speck, trying to look out into it. Shit we don't even know what's on the bottom of our own dam ocean's, yet we can sit here and speculate Why God would create such a thing, and talk it down using dumb words from a dictionary.

God's creation surpasses all words, all thoughts, and everything we know. I am incapable of judging why He did it the way He did. I can just sit back an enjoy looking at it, learning about it, and trying to know Him.

So to assume #1, and #2 is futile, and as far as #3 goes, the bible does say that even the rocks will worship God. When people in this forum try to down play the meaning of the word worship when it comes to God, and how childish that may seem, and a stupid thing for an omnipresent force to ever want to have, they have no real idea of the true meaning of worship, and why God created it. Everything has a purpose. We take God's creation constantly and make things from it, and there is a purpose. We are like God. Any honest Christian/believer could not really answer why God did it that way. No one can, we just don't know enough. We are too small.

Even choosing the word naturalistic is down playing God's creation. It IS so amazing, and the wonders of it never cease. I can look at the smallest things, and the largest things, and just be in awe. I think it is a most beautiful amazing way of doing things, and we spend our lifetimes trying to figure it out. This is some of what I see when I ponder the naturalistic ways of creation, yes I made this video, sit back and enjoy:

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10-07-2009 8:43 AM
Reply to: Message 38 by onifre
10-07-2009 12:22 AM

onifire writes:

Doesn't this contradict your point about people coming across like they know it all? If people don't know shit (your words) then how can you know that?

No, it's based on an assumption from the first post, and from what we think we know about God. What I am saying is we don't know.

So maybe you're right, maybe we're right, maybe no one is right...I mean, shit, who knows?


Floyd would have been cool, but a copyright infringement. The band is my own worship team, that's me on the keyboard, thanks.

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