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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Nature belongs to ID
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05-22-2012 11:55 PM
Reply to: Message 131 by Vanessa
05-22-2012 6:45 PM

Re: work in progress
Vanessa writes:
I refute the current explanation because I know a better one. In the 1980s in the Far East I learned a different explanation of evolution. A compelling and clever theory that did not rely on meteor strikes or mutations as mechanisms of development.
As others here have stated, you must be able to actually tell us what this purportedly superior theory is before you can expect anyone to become an adherent.
Or in simple English words - put up or shut up, or in Missouri words "show me" that's the way it works here, that's the way it works in science, that's the way it works in grad school.
Deal with it.

Read not to contradict and confute, not to believe and take for granted, not to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider. - Francis Bacon

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