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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Nature belongs to ID
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05-12-2012 9:10 PM
Reply to: Message 71 by Vanessa
05-11-2012 3:08 AM

No, we have never seen life evolve from simple organisms to complex ones through mutation. It is a theoretical statement. This is my point. Nature develops life through systems - in which the organism transforms in it's life cycle - egg to chick, foetus to baby, caterpillar to butterfly. This is how Nature works. This is what our fossil record looks like.
Did it really take 5 days for the IDists to remove any knowledge about chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics (assuming you had any of these before the conference) and replace it all with a singe magical word 'Nature'?
If so, and bearing in mind we live in a litigious world nowadays, would it be too much to hope that you sue them for intellectual degradation?
Seriously, why would you take your 'science' from those who have absolutely no qualifications in it? You are aware I suppose of the arduous route from student to peer-reviewed science professional? It's not something achieved overnight you know!
On the other hand creationists have no qualifications in science and are laughably ignorant. If you need your car fixing you go to a mechanic. If you want a new hairdo you go to a hairdresser....why do you not go to a scientist when you want to discuss science? Because Vanessa, when you try to discuss 'science' without the benefit of scientists input you come up with nonsense phrases like 'nature develops life through systems.'
The really sad thing is that you don't even know how pathetic that sounds!

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 Message 71 by Vanessa, posted 05-11-2012 3:08 AM Vanessa has not replied

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