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Author Topic:   Belief Statements - Lithodid-Man
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08-04-2006 8:50 PM
Reply to: Message 18 by Faith
08-04-2006 8:30 PM

Is that all there is?
Not at all in the same manner. The whole cultural existence of Tyre, all its wealth and power, are buried under layers of Greek and Roman ruins.
Well, then we can make the same statment about all the ancient cities none of them have the wealth and power they had.
If that is all this miraculous prophecy is about then I can safely make the same prophecy about New York, London and Paris. And to a some degree it is already partially true of London and Paris. New York will loose it's position in the world's economy in the next century or two and will decine in power and wealth. You can say you heard it here first.
If that is all there is, it is a boring prophecy. Along the lines of "A hurricane will hit the gulf coast this year." Yea, so?

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