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Author Topic:   Peppered Moths and Natural Selection
Alan Fox
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Message 267 of 350 (437962)
12-02-2007 6:51 AM
Reply to: Message 266 by MartinV
09-06-2007 1:01 AM

Re: PPT file and data now available
MartinV writes:

...Kettlewel started his "experiments".

Are the scare-quotes intended to imply that Kettlewell's (note spelling) data were invalid, rather than just illustrative photos being posed due to the difficulty of photographing live moths?

I fully understand you have an objection to evolutionary mechanisms, but I am having difficulty in seeing precisely what that is, in relation to peppered moths. Evolution is postulated to occur within a population of organisms when there is competition for scarce resources and variation in that population which is inheritable.

Is your objection:
1) that RM + NS never occurs,

2) that RM + NS can occur but is not happening in the case of camouflage in peppered moths.

This might conceivably reduce the amount of time various posters waste in discussing issues relating to one species, only to have you ignore their post and blithely move on to some other point. If your objection is fundamentally against the entire concept, I would consider it reasonable for you to say so.

I would also be interested, {presupposing 1)}, in hearing if you have any alternative mechanism, so long as you have more than the word "saltus".

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