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Author Topic:   Something BIG is coming! (AIG trying to build full sized ark)
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08-29-2011 9:05 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by AlphaOmegakid
12-02-2010 7:06 PM

Christianity is stuffing up again, distorting the Hebrew bible to kingdom come, with no history of ever observing this scripture. This is also done in the depiction the earth as 6000 years old: anyone who reads will see that Genesis lists numerous events before the creational days, accounting for bllions of years travserved before life emerged: how long does it take for water to be seperated from the lands - or light from darkness!?

The Ark represents a domestic, regional flood; the boat for Noah's possessions only [the text]; but to the people of tht town it appears the whole world was under water. Of course it would and this is a correct depiction of people in that time. Tasmania, Norway and Rio never yet existed!

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