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Author Topic:   ICANT'S position in the creation debate
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02-03-2011 5:21 PM
Reply to: Message 677 by Aurora
02-03-2011 2:46 PM

hi aurora, welcome to the fray.

i've seen some WTF kind of stuff from ICANT in my time, but this is certainly a new one to me. i mean, if i were going to go "sun revolves around the earth for the sake pedantry" route, i would have gone much more direct. i would have pointed out that a system of two bodies technically orbit each other, or rather, a (bary)central point located between the two bodies' centers of gravity at a position proportional to their masses.

of course, the sun is so incredibly massive that the barycenter of the entire solar system is always very near the sun, and sometimes inside it.

yup, our sun wobbles.


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