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Author Topic:   The Problems with Genesis: A Christian Evolutionist's View
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07-12-2008 3:59 PM
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01-07-2008 8:39 PM

No Such Thing as Christian/Evolutionist
To: Willetdog
1) You should take a refresher course in grade school grammar.
A) Christians believe in Anointed (Christ to Catholics).
B) Evolutionists DO NOT BELIEVE in Anointed (Christ to Catholics).
Col 1.16, Anointed created ALL. That leaves not an inch for evolution; or, Atheism.
2) Quote: "There is no proof for a 6,000 year old earth"; paraphrased.
REBUTTAL. Luke 3.1: "In 15th year of Tiberius Caesar ..."
This is recorded: AD 14 (Webster's Dictionary) + 14 = AD 28 to AD 29.
Now then, we add the genealogies, and periods of prophecy to AD 28 -- and, we find -- "Beginning of Time" (Gen 5.1) = 4,148 BC.
We find: "the Flood"; 2492 BC.
Promise to Abram; 2065 BC.
Exodus; 1625 BC. The Father of Darkness (Pope) teaches only 40 years in wilderness.'
34 years Joshua drove out 7 natons; to 1560 BC.
Israel a nation 502.5 years; to 588 BC.
And, etc. -- both ways.
If you have a solid grade school education, all of these things are elementary.
"Mathematics is the most exact science known to man" - Unknown.
[I have read this from many writers.]
But then Atheistic Evolution has no scientific principes to rest upon. It is "all theory" and most limited to the German Atheists of the 1880s.
"The Living God who sends floods, wars, tornados, hurricanes, mosoons, droughts, wars and peace," does not engage in speculations.
He "declares the End from the Beginning" - Isa 46.10.
For instance, in AD 67, when Iesous had John write the Revelation of Him, He declared Babylon would fall -- in one day -- in one hour; Rev 18.2, 6, 10.
One Day was: June 4,1959 (battle of Magenta), and On Hour was Sept. 20, 1870; both recorded in all encyclopedias; see: "Italy."
Babylon lst 2 thirds of her territories in one year, and her city in one hour.
These events are recorded in "A Dictionary of the Popes", Oxford Press.

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