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Author Topic:   The Nonsense of Revelation 13 Economics
Inactive Administrator

Message 2 of 274 (585812)
10-09-2010 9:07 PM

Thread Copied from Proposed New Topics Forum
Thread copied here from the The Nonsense of Revelations 13 Economics thread in the Proposed New Topics forum.

Inactive Administrator

Message 20 of 274 (585871)
10-10-2010 8:11 AM

Debate Not Commentary
I'm not sure why some members feel the need to comment on the viability of a topic instead of actually debating.

If one feels the topic is nonsense, then don't participate.

A debate means one picks a side to present and support.

Spectators, please refrain from posting commentaries that do not move the discussion forward.

Please direct any comments concerning this Administrative msg to the Report Discussion Problems Here 3.0 thread.

Any response in this thread will receive a 24 hour suspension.

Thank you
AdminPD ***

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