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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Oh my God, I'm an Atheist !!
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07-13-2007 12:53 PM
Reply to: Message 74 by Hyroglyphx
07-13-2007 12:14 PM

Taking a look at Faith and Belief
Because they talk it about it constantly!
What atheists talk about is atheism; it's not surprising to find that people talk about what is interesting to them, I trust.
Look at who opens which threads concerning theological discussion.
Actually, let's do that. Looking at the first page of topics in Faith and Belief, the first topic is this thread about how atheists secretly believe in God, started by Riverrat, a Christian. The next one Grizz started, and it's not clear what his personal beliefs are, atheist/agnostic maybe.
Next, Taz's question about flood models. Then Mick's thread about how morals aren't based on religion. Para's "God and the Fairy Tree" thread is the first example of an atheist talking about God. Jaderis started a thread about how your religion is far more likely to be determined by where you were born than on its own merits, something everybody knows but few admit. Mod has a thread about atheism. ICANT tries to defend a literal Genesis account. Simple informs us of a creation museum. JustinC wonders about degrees of faith. A second example of what you say is universal appears - AiG proves that God has no logical basis.
Riverrat and Phat each try to make a case for belief in God having positive effects. Faithful Servant tries to use "the heart" to prove the existence of God. Tusko wonders about miracles. Jon Paine warns us about a religious charlatan. JustinC tackles an argument about God's relationship to morality from the classical world. Kader describes his own transition to agnosticism. Lostcause wonders if God is a scientist, but I don't know what he believes. Could be your third example.
Mjfloresta wonders what evidence it would take to convince us that there was a God. Iceage wonders about different kinds of religious experience. Rob castigates atheists for wanting it both ways on the existence of evil. Anastasia wonders who is more moral. Pete OS wonders how literally we're supposed to take Genesis, anyway. Archer Opterix informs us about evangelical Christians accepting evolution. Woodsy wonders if there's really a choice involved when it comes to accepting that which is supported by evidence. Greatest I Am poses a question from the Bible. Yours truly admonishes believers to get over their obvious terror at the prospect of being convinced by the arguments for atheism.
Phat explores a classic parable of the Bible. Mike the Wiz is frustrated with sectarian violence. Phat tells Christians that they should not be afraid to doubt. Jon points out a Biblical double standard. Straggler attempts to define atheism. Jar riffs on Glenn Morton's "Quadralemma". Larni wonders why Jesus performs miracles in the Bible. Jon questions the validity of some homespun theology. Wolf poses some problems for the Flood position. Sidelined ponders the meaning of the doctrine of the Trinity (not, I presume, onion, celery, and bell pepper.)
That's it. I saw three examples where atheists started threads to talk about God, and many more where Christians opened threads to proselytize or defend their religion. The rest were pretty evenly split between atheists defending atheism, Christians questioning atheism, and Christians and atheists pondering some aspect of human religious experience.
My conclusion? NJ, you're extremely oversensitive - to the point of clearly having delusions of persecution - to atheists rejecting the validity of the hypothesis that there's a God.
Atheists really aren't all that interested in God, because that's just something made-up. And getting the details of someone's personal make-believe is kind of boring. It's as boring as hearing about someone else's dreams. What we're very much interested in, clearly, is religion, because religion is a very real force that has an influence on each and every one of our lives. Usually a negative influence.

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