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Understanding through Discussion

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EvC Forum Side Orders Coffee House Creationist Shortage

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Author Topic:   Creationist Shortage
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Message 398 of 415 (669767)
08-02-2012 1:56 PM
Reply to: Message 390 by Bolder-dash
08-01-2012 10:13 PM

off topic and related suspensions
EVERYONE who posts here could be considered to be insulting at times, and everyone could be considered to be off topic. The one difference is that ONLY creationists who rock Percy's applecart are ever suspended for this (don't go saying its equal).
Everytime you complain, which seems often, I ask you to post any specific infractions you may observe to the relevant thread. There may well be a bias in the administrators, which is why we request people post their specific complaints regarding discussions.
Anyway lyx2no was suspended for Message 204.
Coyote was suspended for Message 95
Dr A was suspended for his off topic posts over at this thread
dwise1 was suspended for being offtopic which was announced in Message 370
Lithodid-Man was suspended for being offtopic, announced also in Message 370
Catholic Scientist and Theodoric were suspended for discussing where they shouldn't be (kind of off topic) see Message 299 and what follows.
Taq had his post hidden over at Message 343
Huntard suspended for offtopicness at Message 85
Jumped up Chimpanzee suspended for offtopicality in Message 87
onifre and Rrhain for off topic bickering in Message 363 etc.
frako suspended for being generally divergent from topics in Message 105
ZenMonkey was suspended for Message 580
Dr A was suspended for offtopic snarkiness at Message 588 etc
nuggin for offtopic snarkiness in Message 612
nuggin for Message 623
jar gets four weeks for the offtopic and useless post in Message 170, though it was reduced.
Omnivorous suspended for this (Message 244 and some other posts).
NoNukes for Message 245
crashfrog for Message 247
Artemis Entreri suspended for Message 86

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 Message 390 by Bolder-dash, posted 08-01-2012 10:13 PM Bolder-dash has not replied

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