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Author Topic:   Coronavirus and Pandemics
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From: Central Florida, USA
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03-18-2020 3:38 PM
Reply to: Message 65 by caffeine
03-18-2020 3:29 PM

Re: A Question About Masks
I'm getting concerned about how long this state of emergency is going to go on, especially since the rules and restrictions get progressively stricter almost every day. You mentioned in an earlier thread the economic impact - this is going to be devastating for a lot of businesses, including many who employ low wage workers.

The travel, tourism, restaurant/bar and also transportation-related businesses will take a hard hit. Like you said, many low wage and part time workers will get hit. I can't say I am overly confident on the stimulus measures. A little extra money might help. But only for a very brief period.

Sadly, my guess is this will play out as most downturns/recessions have played out. Unemployment rises and many low wage workers will be without work. Many small businesses will likely shut their doors. Larger businesses and corporations will of course be affected any many will have layoffs. But for the most part, they have enough cash and reserves to weather the storm.

And of course, rich folks will just get richer, as always. Most have enough that they don't need to sell on the downswing and they also have adequate cash resources to buy the dips. So as always, they will get richer and the little guy will get sqeezed.

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Posts: 973
From: Central Florida, USA
Joined: 09-13-2013

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03-19-2020 2:06 PM
Reply to: Message 77 by RAZD
03-19-2020 12:50 PM

Re: A Question About Masks
We are experiencing a day of light rain, and it seems to me this should take a lot of particulates out of the air, as the small droplets form on particulates.

Not sure of the efficacy of rain against viruses. Rain does have a positive effect for allergies as it can wash away pollens.

Based on my understanding, sunlight and heat have a larger effect on viruses. Most viruses don't like sunlight, which is why flu season is generally in the winter.

No guarantees that Covid-19 will be impacted. But based on some of the preliminary research, it does appear that the impact for Covid-19 in the southern hemisphere does appear to be less than the northern at this time.

In my home state of Florida, we have about 350 cases and 8 deaths thus far. This number could increase. But considering the size of the state and how many tourists we have gotten before they banned travel, that would lead me to believe our climate is having an effect. Time will tell of course.

For anyone that is interested, the CDC has a nice webpage that shows the current status in the USA:

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the U.S.

One potential silver lining is according to the graph of cases since Covid-19 began impacting the USA, we may have already peaked. Then again, it could simply be that we weren't testing enough up until this point. Once again, time will tell.

But for all of us, follow the simple rules: wash your hands, avoid large crowds, try to get some sun and ride it out.

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Posts: 973
From: Central Florida, USA
Joined: 09-13-2013

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03-19-2020 3:39 PM
Reply to: Message 79 by hooah212002
03-19-2020 2:40 PM

Re: A Question About Masks
I've read an alarming number of comments, on reddit mainly

That was the first mistake. Reddit and Twitter as well are not reliable sources of information.

the act of going outside puts you at risk of contraction and death. Keep in mind, I am talking about just going outside. not going to the store. Not going to a restaurant. Not going to a concert. Just going outside your house. Is there ANY validity to this?

No validity whatsoever. This is a mis-interpretation of the concept of an 'airborne' pathogen.

Viruses have limited capability to stay aloft. They usually reside within water droplets of some sort that might stay in the air for a few seconds, if for example someone sneezed, but then they rapidly fall to the ground. From there, depending on the surface, a virus may stay viable for maybe 12 to 24 hours before it becomes inert.

This is why the focus on people washing their hands. The highest likelihood of someone getting Covid-19, or any virus for that matter, is through touching a surface and then touching your face and having it enter your respiratory tract.

So no, simply going outside is not a problem. This is a virus, not a chemical weapon. In fact, if it is sunny out, going outside helps boost your immune system (Vitamin D) and since viruses don't like sunlight, the risk of exposure is minuscule so long as you keep a safe distance from other folks.

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