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Author Topic:   Message of the Bible
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Message 174 of 213 (77902)
01-12-2004 2:09 AM
Reply to: Message 146 by Cold Foreign Object
01-10-2004 2:13 PM

"When I read the O.T. I see a God who, because of Christ, has been much more merciful to me than I deserve. I could of been judged like those sinners but God MAKES you see the value of His Son in that WE have not received like treatment. We receive mercy LITERALLY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. This is the only reason people like you get away with your ridiculous criticism of God."

So why did God wait so long to become merciful? Why the change of heart? Did He get soft in His old age or just realize that He was wrong?

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Message 182 of 213 (78140)
01-13-2004 12:49 AM
Reply to: Message 179 by Cold Foreign Object
01-12-2004 10:27 PM

"The Bible makes it clear that everything has a course to run.

This includes mankind's jurisdiction under the law of Moses, which the New Testament says was a shadow cast by the substance of Christ"

What I dont understand is God's policy change. He went from being an incessantly vengeful micromanager in the old testament to a laissez faire leftist in the new testament.

"The entire O.T. period until Jesus prophesied of Him in word, types and symbolism. It was basically an introduction of Jesus Christ."

The prophocies of the OT are Nostradamously ambiguous at best, but none of them said the messiah would die on the cross for man's sins. And even though the bible part 2 says that such a thing occurred, it dosen't explain why God was compelled to rewrite the rules. If this was all part of the master plan from the outset, Genesis, Exodous, Leviticus, Numbers, Dueterium, etc...are mute regarding that notion. Moreover, why would the "nature" of the creator change over time? Presumeably perfection, as that which is attributed to God, is not contingent and atlerable over time, or space, or anything else.

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