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Author Topic:   General Discussion Of Moderation Procedures 10.0
Inactive Member

Message 72 of 305 (387829)
03-02-2007 11:31 PM

AdminBuzsaw's Suspends Buzsaw. Why?
Perhaps there are members who may question the action AdminBuzsaw has taken in suspending member Buzsaw.

The problem with member Buzsaw is that though this is Buzsaws first ever suspension in about 4 years as a member, member Buzsaw has consistently been nothing but a big pain in the butt for Admin who saw fit to ban Buzsaw twice in past years, skipping the suspension phase and who is presently showing signs of perhaps needing to do so the third time.

I, AdminBuzsaw am taking this action because member Buzsaw shows no signs of being anything but what member Buzsaw has been for 4 long years, a pain in the butt for Admin and to some of the other prominent members of EvC, some of who have been aboard as long or nearly as long as member Buzsaw and had to put up with his (alleged) nonsense.

Imo, as moderator, this action is necessary to make EvC a more peaceful and tranquil site, especially in the science forums where IDist nonsense has no scientific bearing and where the conventional more secularist elitist members can discuss conventional elitist science without the (aleged) nonsense which member Buzsaw posts whenever he shows up.

If member Buzsaw wishes to discuss science, let him find a physics or science site that will tolerate his (alleged) stupid logic and the (alleged) IDist nonsense which he insists on posting.

I know there will be members who will say "I don't give a sh_t." However there may be others who were wondering why this action. There you have it for the record.

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Message 78 of 305 (387871)
03-03-2007 9:20 AM

I need to make it clear that as moderator, AdminBuzsaw is committed to upholding the welfare of the site at large, not to defend member Buzsaw perse or to make a martyr out of him. Please understand that I have indefinitely suspended member Buzsaw because for four long years he has been a pain in the butt not only to Admin, but to some other prominent members who agree that member Buzsaw is and has always been a pain in the butt to some.

As AdminBuzsaw, being duly appointed for the purpose of moderation I have determined in a fair and balanced manner that anyone who has been this much of a problem at this site should seek out a more compatible site to peddle what many at this site regard as pure rubbish. I am aware that Buzsaw is doing that.

So long as member Buzsaw insists on continuing to be what Buzsaw has been and doing what Buzsaw does it is my opinion that member Buzsaw should stay the heck out of this place unless Buzsaw agrees to stop being what member Buzsaw has been and doing what he has been doing for four long years such as claiming his universe hypothesis based on the Bible is compatible with the thermodynamic laws, his claim that BB theists as well as YEC creos who think any temporal universe leaves no place for an eternal god, that there was possibly a pre flood vapor canopy which skews radiometicric dating methodology, that the exodus evidence he has surfaced is scientifically viable, that the fact of global warming and other things in weather and geology verify prophecies in his Bible, et al, et al, which render him such a pain in the butt for some prominent folks here or unless Admin decides to allow member Buzsaw to continue be what he has been and do what he has been doing these four years at his site.

I believe I, Admin Buzsaw have thus far been in good stand as a moderator and intend to remain as such to keep the peace and uphold the Forum Guidelines for the good of the board at large until such time that Admin determines that he does not need my services any longer.

I will be out of town most of the day so if anyone has further discussion or questions I will be happy to address them when I return.

I need to get moving so I hope I haven't made any huge errors here as I've not had time to review.

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 Message 79 by jar, posted 03-03-2007 10:59 AM AdminBuzsaw has responded

Inactive Member

Message 80 of 305 (387904)
03-03-2007 3:01 PM
Reply to: Message 79 by jar
03-03-2007 10:59 AM

Re: AdminBuz's action just more whining
Jar, it's because of people like you who get by with just about everything creos are accused of that this place is so dull and void of IDist creos. With people like you, meanspirited as you and who like your style running the show, including Admin himself that most IDist creos are simply too thin skinned to stay long. It's (abe: inflamitory members) like you that got Faith so emotionally upset that she blew her top after taking so much of it and eventually got herself banned because of it. It's people like you who think you're so dang smart that you were going to put member Buzsaw away in the first round of the first GD a few years ago and ended up with your ideological arse whooped, hanging on to the ropes for dear life throughout the debate. Remember that? And btw, did you notice how shortly after that that member Buzsaw was suddenly permanently banned by Admin, having never been suspended so as not to be able to defend himself in the moderation forum? Hmmm?

You insolent people who think this is just a martyr complex and whimsical whining need to wake up and smell the coffee. Admin sees to it that no IDist creo ever wins in his congenial little elitist tea party he calls a evo vs creo debate site, systematically insuring that the balance remains firmly in his ideological corner.

When Admin begins honing in on good members like former member and super efficient AdminNWR, who btw was certainly no creo, you can be sure you're on his problematic list and must soon go.. NWR made the mistake of lending support to allowing more diversity in the science arena and opposing Admins policy regarding such things.

If Admin continues to self destruct his supposed debate site by systematically censuring out the counterpart element that's his perrogative, but so long as I remain moderator here at EvC, I'm committed to continue doing so in a fair and balance manner as I pledged to do when I was duly appointed to the position. If it means banning member Buzsaw evenhandedly in a fair and balanced manner, so be it. I've only suspended two members thus far, the first being Herepton for a short suspension and now member buzsaw for as long as member Buzsaw insists on being what he's been over the years and as long as Admin refuses to allow member Buzsaw to continue doing what Buzsaw has been doing for these past years. As moderator I've also admonished and warned several members, some of who are creos and some of who are not in what I condider to be a fair and balanced manner.

My action here has nothing to do with martyrdom and everything to do with what's best for the board at large in order that this ever so prevalent problematic issue concerning member Buzsaw be resolved. For the good of the board and for member Buzsaw, I find this action to be the right moderative action to take.

Edited by AdminBuzsaw, : No reason given.

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 Message 79 by jar, posted 03-03-2007 10:59 AM jar has responded

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 Message 98 by randman, posted 03-07-2007 3:06 AM AdminBuzsaw has not yet responded

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Message 85 of 305 (387966)
03-03-2007 7:34 PM
Reply to: Message 81 by Quetzal
03-03-2007 3:14 PM

Re: AdminBuz's action just more whining
Hi Quetzal. I appreciate your viewpoint. I guess the answer to the question you ask is that perhaps my presence may afford opportunity to offer some suggestions for establishing some balance in the forums and to continue doing what I've tried to do in PAF. For example, though NWR usually debated counterpart to my positions, I lent support to him in PAF before he left because he was suggesting that more leeway should be granted in science for alternative viewpoints et al. I did not concur with the ousting of member Faith and if recall is correct I believe I suggested that member Randman be allowed in the general forums and offered to moderate some oversight on his conduct, noting in PAF that he was no worse a pain to evos than member Jar was to creos et al.

Perhaps this arrangement would show no purpose that account would cease to be. If I were to suspend my Buzsaw account and AdminBuzsaw account simultaneously, this would leave me with no opportunity to explain why or to suggest some food for thought regarding the disparity in debating the issues so far as ideology goes.

It is the many like you here at EvC who I will really miss, who focus on the issues, citing the specifics and addressing them, unlike some prominent few who feel the need to focus on the member, demean character of opponents attempting to condemn rather than citing specifics and refuting those specific points with which they take issue.

Perhaps I need to ponder your question and observation that it is quite strange. It may make more sense to eliminate that account after responding to other comments folks may have.

I realize I've been blunt and to the point regarding Admin policy. As King Solomon put it in the Proverbs, "Better is the wounds of a friend than the kisses of an enemy," as I've quoted on occasion. Perhaps some things I've said, being taken as wounds can be productive for improvement. I hope so.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 81 by Quetzal, posted 03-03-2007 3:14 PM Quetzal has responded

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Message 87 of 305 (387978)
03-03-2007 8:13 PM
Reply to: Message 84 by PaulK
03-03-2007 6:56 PM

Re: AdminBuz's action just more whining
PaulK, all I have to say to you is that it's your kind of caustic rant that hurts EvC more than just about anything else. When evo counterparts are barraged with responses typical of the stuff people like you do few are thick skinned enough to participate or to remain members for long. Imo Admin would be wise to leave off ranting about the conduct of creos so much and tone people like you down a tad so as to render the site a more pleasant place for amiable debate and dialog.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 84 by PaulK, posted 03-03-2007 6:56 PM PaulK has responded

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 Message 90 by PaulK, posted 03-04-2007 5:01 AM AdminBuzsaw has not yet responded
 Message 103 by nator, posted 03-07-2007 5:51 PM AdminBuzsaw has not yet responded

Inactive Member

Message 88 of 305 (387984)
03-03-2007 8:24 PM
Reply to: Message 86 by Trixie
03-03-2007 8:12 PM

Re: AdminBuz's action just more whining
Trixie, you make a good point and I'm listening. You know what? If some of the people who make that claim to be helpers would focus on issues and leave of the personal stuff it would be a whole lot more helpful. Son Goku, imo, is exemplary of a wise counselor in that regard as are folks like Cavediver et al. Percy appears to be sporadic in this regard. On the one hand he goes to great length to explain things to his credit and which is often helpful but then he seems to feel the need to interject personal demeaning exaggerations such as his false claim that Buzsaw reads nothing et al.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 86 by Trixie, posted 03-03-2007 8:12 PM Trixie has not yet responded

Inactive Member

Message 91 of 305 (388281)
03-05-2007 1:46 PM
Reply to: Message 89 by Quetzal
03-03-2007 9:25 PM

Re: AdminBuz's action just more whining
Quetzal writes:

On Rand, however, I disagree. The Randman "Travelling Circus and One-Trick Pony Show" was extremely disruptive. In fact, I would say that of all the creo etc posters that have been here in the past - including you - he was the one that most exemplified what you are being accused of, IMO.

1. I believe I recall Admin once stating that he thought Rand represented the creationist argument better than most.

2. Creo counterpart members appear to request quite frequently the opportunity to engage Rand in debate.

3. Admittedly Rand still needs to tidy up on behavior, but hey, imo, so do a few other members. (Abe: I would either remove Rand from Showcase or consign Jar in with him to see who could outrant the other's MO.) :D

Edited by AdminBuzsaw, : No reason given.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 89 by Quetzal, posted 03-03-2007 9:25 PM Quetzal has not yet responded

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 Message 92 by AdminPD, posted 03-05-2007 3:48 PM AdminBuzsaw has not yet responded

Inactive Member

Message 93 of 305 (388316)
03-05-2007 4:04 PM

Good Day. May God Bless All
Since Admin and I are unable to reconcile in PAF, I am indefinitely suspending my admin account along with the member account. I have registered into a larger board, PhysOrgForum Science, Physics and Technology Discussion Forums where I will check out as to whether my MO is acceptable. My first overview of heir evc forum there indicates that it will be but time will tell.

At any rate, thanks to all for putting up with me these past four years and may God's blessing be on each and every one, regardless of which side of the debate you repesent. My prayers will remain faithful to EvC. Be mindful that God's blessings may come in mysterious and unusual ways, sometimes with one scratching the head wondering how and other times fully understandable.

My parting advice is to check out the record for Biblical principles and compare it's track record with any other idology. These 71 years of my life, 61 of which were as a professing and practicing NT fundie Christian have absolutely convinced me the it's the way of life, contentment and assurance for the future.

Hang in there, Nemmisis J, my dear brother in Christ Jesus and www cyber friend. You're the best ever and most intelligent, witty and articulate creo to show up at EvC to the glory of Jehovah god the father and Jesus the lord and savior bar none. May God's special richest blessing be upon you and yours in everything. You will be as indestructible among the hungry lions as Daniel was in the den of lions. Your adversaries will not triumph over you nor put you to shame as you tenaciously hold to the truth. :cool:

For ideological balance on the EvC admin team as a Biblical creationist.

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 Message 100 by Admin, posted 03-07-2007 9:02 AM AdminBuzsaw has not yet responded

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