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Author Topic:   Gun Control III
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09-30-2018 6:37 AM

Crazy gun laws
Hi guys hope everyone is well.
I had to chip in here cos from the outside America it looks so fucked up with their gun laws. How often is there a mass shooting in Europe, Asia, etc compared to the states. Its just ludacris

Here in Australia I think we have fair gun laws. Shooting is used for sporting activities only. You need a different license for different guns and more licenses for different game hunting. A criminal record will meant ur not allowed to own one.

Shotguns can only be 2 shot, no more autos or semi autos. Besides how sporting is it to blast 8 rounds at a duck or something. If u missed it in 2 shots then u weren't good enough.
Rifles cannot be automatic. Only semis like bolt action hunting rifles.
Handguns again u can only have one for sporting purpose. It cannot be stored in your house but rather at a gun club. Rifles and shotguns may be kept at home but must follow a strict security laws.

The problem in the USA from wat I understand is that the constitution was written during a war and so says u can own heaps of firearms. Ur leaders won't change the laws cos of the political power of the NRA and that's really sad.
The fact u can buy fully automatic military guns is just insane really. And from places like 7-11 and Walmart I heard. Thats crazym

I hope it changes but unfortunately the greed of politicians eclipses everything I think. Without a powerful opposition to the NRA there's little chance probs. I'm not too sure all I know is that shootings here are rare and taken seriously wen it happens.

Anyway take care in the wild wild west people

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Member (Idle past 473 days)
Posts: 123
Joined: 08-25-2017

Message 443 of 848 (841442)
10-12-2018 10:32 PM
Reply to: Message 308 by jar
09-30-2018 8:27 AM

Re: Today's carry package:
U said... "I really have no respect for that position and argument"

I wasn't making an argument just explaining how guns are controlled in Australia

Our governments position works
Its been over 21 years since the last mass shooting here. 21 years

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 Message 308 by jar, posted 09-30-2018 8:27 AM jar has not yet responded

Member (Idle past 473 days)
Posts: 123
Joined: 08-25-2017

Message 444 of 848 (841443)
10-12-2018 10:46 PM
Reply to: Message 319 by ICANT
09-30-2018 4:28 PM

Re: Crazy gun laws
Fair enough. Its just the politicians then
U can't get 38 out of 50 states to vote on it. That's sad man

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 Message 319 by ICANT, posted 09-30-2018 4:28 PM ICANT has responded

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